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There’s Absolutely No Substitute for “Experience”!

With thousands of Life Insurance and Annuity Products on the Market, how do you determine “which one is Best for You”?

Our staff of “Seasoned Veterans “collaborate to help you make that Decision.


Take a look at these Examples:

Example (1)

David Schwartz age 31 & Sarah Schwartz age 29 (Non Smoker -Newlyweds) with a 1year old baby and a 30 Year Mortgage on their $400,000 new home. We selected Midland’s 30 Year $500,000 Term Life Policy for both of them, and placed a 26 Year $10,000 Child Rider on Sarah’s policy to cover the baby and future children, until they graduate from College.

Premiums: David’s - $36.96/Month Sarah & Children- $34.76/Month.

Should one spouse pass, the mortgage on the house can be paid off, with cash left over for College Tuition and other living expenses.

Example (2)

James O’Connor age 65 & Susan O’Connor age 65 (Retired - Non Smokers).

This retired couple could not afford to purchase “Long Term Care”, while paying College Tuition for their two children. They came to us looking for a product with: (a) A guaranteed death benefit and (b) An accelerated death benefit feature that would cover “Terminal or Chronic Illness”.

We recommended Midland’s XL Heritage Indexed Universal Life Policy.

For James & Susan, their $100,000 Single Premium Discretionary Money, each grows to $125,000 in 20 years, with a guaranteed death benefit of $187,000 on Day 1 for Susan, and $168,000 on Day 1 for James. The Policy also has a feature that will allow them to withdraw (5% to 24%) on the election date, in the event of a Chronic Illness and (10% to 90%) in the event of a terminal Illness.

Example (3)

We also helped Mrs. Mary Johnson age 63 (nonsmoker-recently widowed) and on a “fixed income”, who did not want to burden her children with her “final expense”. We selected Columbian’s $10,000 Whole Life Policy, with an affordable premium of $38.46 per Month.

Example (4)

Jose Garcia age 54 on Disability with some serious health issues: (Insulin Diabetes, Heart Defribulator, and Cancer Survivor) and “No Life Insurance”!

(His previous life Insurance applications were denied - due to poor health).

Because of his “Low Income”, we encouraged Jose to apply for Medicaid QMB. Jose was approved, so the State of MO picked up his $134 Part-B MEDICARE Premium, allowing him to see an increase of $134 in his monthly Income. As a QMB recipient, we were able to enrolled Jose into a Dual Special Needs (DSNP) MEDICARE Advantage Plan: With a $0 Monthly Premium, $0 Co-Pay for Doctors Visits, Free Diabetic Supplies & Diabetic Shoes, and a host of other free benefits like: Dental, Vision, Hearing, Silver Sneaker Fitness, and $58/ Month Over the Counter benefits.

Finally, with the additional $134 Monthly Income, we enrolled Jose into a Columbian Life $10,000 Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Policy (No Medical Questions) with an affordable Premium of $66.21 Per Month.